Chelsea veteran defender John Terry retired from international football in 2012, even before the last World Cup in Brazil, but new coach of the Three Lions Sam Allardyce has refused to rule out the player from a potential return to the team as preparations for the next World Cup in Russia are underway.

John Terry didn’t leave the English squad on a high note, particularly after his huge contributions to the national team after many years. The 35-year old player exited the English national team set-up in the midst of wild allegations that he racially abused Queens Park Rangers (QPR) player Anton Ferdinand in 2012.

Being a role model to many – and a captain for that matter – people, the allegations was received worst. The video of Ferdinand snubbing Terry’s handshake during a game went viral, attracting comments from all angles.

The English Football Association tried him and found him guilty of the allegations. He was fined £220,000 and banned for four games, despite many people wanting more punishment. Terry also reminds fans of the time he disappointed them with his brawl with Wayne Bridge. He was arrested after a fight in a London nightclub. He left out with Bridge as he was alleged to have had an affair with his wife.

“Maybe so, I think it depends on what John said. Maybe if I get the opportunity I might have to give him a ring but until I come to that selection or that process, we’ll wait and see. I don’t know what the political side of that might mean, if there is a political side. I’ll have to have that conversation if I feel that John Terry may be a possibility,” Allardyce declared. England is set to play their qualifiers during the international break, but we’d truly know what Allardyce has up his sleeves when he releases the list of invitees.

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