Manuel Pellegrini was awarded once more with the Barclays Manager of the Month award after managing to secure 4 consecutive Premier League triumphs with Manchester City during the month of January.

The last manager that accomplished the feat of winning the award on consecutive instances was Carlo Ancelotti back in 2011 when the Italian coach was dictating the playing style of Chelsea and now Pellegrini has achieved the same accomplishment but with Manchester City.

Tottenham, Cardiff City, Newcastle United and Swansea City were the victims of Manuel Pellegrini’s Manchester City as they all suffered from losses and could do little to stop the star studded team of Pellegrini from scoring a total of 14 goals against the 4 teams.

Manchester City’s home turf of the Etihad Stadium is set to increase the capacity of the seats from their current 47,620 to 62,170. The blueprint has already been submitted to the council’s planning commission and now a report has suggested that the expansion should be approved.

If everything goes as planned, the home stadium of Manchester City will have more capacity and space than Arsenal’s and Sunderland’s but they will still be falling behind Manchester United’s stadium that has 75,731 seats available for their fans at Old Trafford.

The report that has made the suggestion of increasing the amount of seats of the stadium stated that it would not only be beneficial for the fans of the club but for many other people as it will increase the amount of local jobs as well as the continued regeneration of the East Manchester area.

“The expansion of the stadium will provide enhanced facilities which will help to create a stadium of national and international profile and improve the visitor experience. The proposal will create job opportunities, some of which will be available for local residents and business, during the construction and operation of the expanded stadium.”

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