Wayne Bridge: ‘’Chelsea need leaders’’

Wayne Bridge is a retired footballer who spent his entire playing career performing in England who has managed to perform in some of the biggest clubs in the Premier League including: Chelsea and Manchester City.

Bridge spent 7 years of his playing career performing for Chelsea as he joined the Premier League club in 2003 and departed in 2009 in this period of time, Bridge managed to lift the Premier League title, the FA Cup and the Football League Cup.

One of his former clubs, Chelsea has undergone an extraordinary transformation as they were claimed as the champions of the Premier League during the previous season but are now struggling just to stay in the middle section of the top tier English League.

Bridge believes that one of the main reasons of why things have been going so wrong for Chelsea is because they lack any real leaders.

“When I was there we had quite a few leaders in the changing room. We had John Terry, Frank Lampard and Didier Drogba, but I don’t really see as many leaders in this side compared to when I was there.’’ Former Chelsea player, Wayne Bridge said.

Bridge was confident that Jose Mourinho was going to be able to turn things around with Chelsea but it just never happened as he was sacked after a string of successive underwhelming results.

Jose Mourinho was replaced by Guus Hiddink and the Dutch manager has been able to pull Chelsea away from the bottom relegation and safe into the middle area of the English League standings and Guus Hiddink has been praised by his own players who have said that Hiddink is a better authority figure than Mourinho and overall just a better leader, so it might be true what Wayne Bridge said that the team just needed a conductor who can lead the team to consistently positive results.

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