Wayne Bridge’s healthy lifestyle took a hit after I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!

It has only been a few weeks since Wayne Bridge has returned from participating in the British survival reality television game show but the former Premier League player has stated being in the game show has affected his lifestyle and more specifically his diet as the retiree had to eat things that aren’t in his usual repertoire.

In a recent interview, Wayne Bridge has revealed the things in his life that have changed and the English retiree went on to say that not only his healthy lifestyle have experienced a switch but also his outlook in life but that he will be getting back to his active way of living which includes going to the gym and eating wholesome foods.

“My habits that have changed? I’ve eaten a lot more chocolate, a lot more cakes and mince pies so my eating habits have changed a bit. Also, my perspective on life has changed. I just appreciate everything I’ve got that little bit more family, friends and everyone that got behind me. I just appreciate everything that little bit more.” Wayne Bridge said.

Wayne Bridge posted on his instagram account: First day back in the gym after all those mince pies and chocolates! A lonely virtual spin class and weights…

After getting back to normal and day to day life, Bridge has quickly been trying to get back to form like he used to be some years ago when performing in the Premier League. It has been weeks since Wayne Bridge had gone to the gym and even though he was eating a lot of random food in the survival show including: rice, beans and different kinds of animal meats, Bridge has stated that things weren’t so bad as most people imagine it to be.

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