Bridge happy to spend more time with Sandford

Since retiring from playing professional competitive football Wayne Bridge has been spending more time with his wife Frankie Sandford who is currently performing in the British television show called: Strictly Come Dancing and after couple of days the retired is seen as an audience as he witnesses Sandford making impressive choreographed dance move with a partner.

Frankie Sandford and Wayne Bridge got married not too long ago on July 19 of 2014 and when Frankie was asked if his husband was going to be jealous in any way after hearing that she was going to be going through a series of intense training regimes and choreographs with another man, Sandford replied by saying: ‘Wayne’s excited for me because he knows I love it and all of my family love it too. It’s quite a big thing for the Sandfords. We have male dancers all the time in The Saturdays, so he knows it’s just dancing. He’s got nothing to worry about.’
One of the more recent occasions where Wayne Bridge and Frankie Sandford were spotted together was in a series of clothing shops with the former Chelsea player being seen carrying a number of shopping bags.

The career of Wayne Bridge starts off with the defender making his first appearance in a competitive match on August of 1998 as he played for Southampton and entered the pitch in a match against Charlton Athletic with the English left-back coming as a substitute player replacing John Beresford who had sustained a knee injury.

Wayne Bridge later went on to join Chelsea and he was a regular player for Jose Mourinho but his appearances at Stamford Bridge started to be very limited after Ashley Cole arrived to the Premier League club.

The English left-back was signed by Manchester City but spent a few season on a number of loan deals as he performed for West Ham United, Sunderland, Brighton & Hove Albion before joining Reading which was his last club before deciding to retire.

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