Hodgson Still Broods On World Cup

The manager of the England national football team, Roy Hodgson, reckons that the kind of playing style his team adopted in the World Cup in Brazil was pretty similar to that of the eventual Champions Germany, but, luck just didn’t favour his boys and it turned out to be a horrible campaign at the end.

According to Hodgson, he has still not been able to put that debacle completely out of his mind.

In the words of the Three Lions’ boss, “We came second against Italy and that, to me, was a bit of an unfair result as we had not performed badly enough to lose that day. In the following game also, we were going alright, but, then, all of a sudden, we conceded one which I would say was a freakish strike and thereafter, the momentum shifted. We conceded another and it was all over.”

“It’s very hard to get over such horrible time. A lot of fans have lost their faith in us and that’s obvious on their part as we have let them down. Now, it’s up to us to win their faith back.”

When asked what he thinks the German players did differently in order to be so successful in the tournament, Hodgson said, “Frankly speaking, I don’t think there’s that much of a difference between the playing style of theirs and ours. I know people have been talking a lot about that, but, I don’t agree to what’s being said. I think Germany also looked to do things the similar way and fortunately, it clicked for them. For us, it didn’t.”

Germany’s performance has been top class not only in this year’s World Cup, but, in the World Cups of 2006 and 2010 as well.

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