Chelsea leads Manchester City by 6 Points

Chelsea currently has a 6 points advantage over their nearest rivals which is Manchester City and with only 2 months remaining in the top tier English League, the team of Jose Mourinho are favorites on claiming the 23rd edition of the Premier League but Manuel Pellegrini remains optimistic that his team can still catch up to the table toppers.

Manchester City’s Manuel Pellegrini believes that his squad can still catch up to Chelsea and snatch their 2nd successive league title as he said: “I don’t think they are a winning machine all the time. I think you ask me maybe two or three weeks before I am sure from now until the end of the season every team will drop points so it’s important to return to our normal performance and win our games.’’

There is good news for the supporters of Manchester City and for Manuel Pellegrini himself and it’s the fact that Chelsea’s schedule of the remainder of the season includes tough matches against top clubs of the Premier League including: Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool.

Manuel Pellegrini on the other hand has a fairly easier schedule as many of their upcoming opponents are located on the bottom spots of the Premier League and have struggled in the entire season trying to snatch triumphs, some of those clubs are: Queens Park Rangers and Aston Villa.

Chelsea’s top goal-scorer is Diego Costa and the experienced attacker has recently picked up an injury which is expected to make him unable to perform for Spain at the international stage in the upcoming 2016 Euro’s qualifier against Ukraine which is going to take place on March 27.

However, even with the tough fixtures that awaits Jose Mourinho and his squad they still are big favorites on winning the Premier League of this season. It will be a huge surprise if Chelsea lose their pace at the final stages of the league race and allow Manchester City to catch up but the world of football is unpredictable and anything can happen.

Manchester City’s chances of moving into Chelsea and taking the title are slim but it’s in no way impossible.

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