Petr Cech second choice as Goalkeeper for Chelsea

Petr Cech is presently at the second position in the pecking order of the goalies at Chelsea.

The Czech Republic international is the understudy to Thibaut Courtois who is 10 years younger than him in age.
So, it doesn’t seem to be possible now for Cech to regain his position of the no. 1 shot stopper at Stamford Bridge again.

Cech still has the capability though and he is not the oldest goalie going around either. He can easily be no. 1 at any other club, but, not at Chelsea, certainly not with Courtois around.

There have been rumours that Liverpool is looking to get Cech’s services secured this winter.

The Reds are desperate for a good goalie at the moment. Simon Mignolet whom they had landed from Sunderland the previous season had been making a lot of mistakes of late and finally, Brendan Rodgers had to drop him.

But, Mignolet’s replacement Brad Jones has proved to be even worse. So, buying a goalie would be the first priority for Liverpool in January.

As far as Chelsea is concerned, they would also not mind getting Cech offloaded as the veteran is clearly not of much use for them now. This season, the 32-year old Belgian has played just 2 games.

But, the problem is that Chelsea and Liverpool are the arch rivals in the English top division.

Liverpool is probably one of the last clubs that the Blues would want to sell any of their players to.

This season yes, Liverpool is not anywhere near to Chelsea in the points table, but, if seen historically, there has been great rivalry between these two clubs and very rarely have they had business deals with each other.

So, Cech going to Liverpool does not seem to be a realistic prospect.

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