Terry’s New House Close to Wayne Bridge’s

According to reports, John Terry has purchased a new house just yards away from Wayne Bridge’s, his former teammate. Both of them played together for the country and the club. However, the relationship had been soured when the news about Bridges ex-girlfriend and the Chelsea skipper did rounds. The rumored fling had been a hush-hush courtesy. However, soon the details came out in the press and everywhere people came to know about it.

Now, as per the sources, an awkward moment might be on the cards as Terry has spent £4.35 million to purchase a new plush mansion which is only a walk away from the property of Bridge in Surrey.

The bridge stayed in this house for two years with his wife. However, now, he is all set to have a new neighbor whom he will not have to brew with. Sources have to say that it is going to be quite difficult for them not to encounter each other at some point while staying there.

When the reported fling had come out, Bridge had refused to shake hands with Terry in the win of Manchester City against Chelsea with 4-2 at Stamford Bridge. During the same game Carlos Tevez had scored two goals had squared up against Terry and when he scored his second goal, he pointed to Bridge. Also, Craig Bellamy had been on the scoresheet and had ripped into Terry in the post-match interview as the players of City wore t-shirts of Team Bridge during the warmup session.

Bridge talked about the game in 2017 for the first time and said that he appreciated the support given by his team members. He went on to say that he could believe the whole atmosphere during the game and the reaction that his teammates had during and in the build-up of the match. He says that no one knows the whole story but his teammates had been amazing.

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