Bridge believes Chelsea will be Champions

Former Chelsea defender Wayne Bridge believes that Chelsea can win the Premier League despite being written off by various pundits. He admitted that the team has failed to strengthen properly during the transfer window especially with the Champions League coming up this season.

However, he believes that there is still time before the end of the transfer window and that there is news that the team might be signing some new players in the days to come. Continue reading Bridge believes Chelsea will be Champions


Former Chelsea star defender John Terry is expecting a clean slate at Aston Villa after he completed his move to the Championship side.

The former England international moved a division lower in a desperate bid to get regular game time as his career winds down.

The player has been a Blues star for so long it is difficult to imagine him lining up in a Claret and Blue jersey. While he was unveiled Terry promised the Villa fans that he did not move to the midlands just because he wanted more money or did not just want to give up football yet. The Champions League winner said it was a fresh challenge for him.

“It is down to me to perform week in, week out, and prove to players I can do it and am not one of those players at the end of my career looking for a pay day. That is certainly not the case, I would be somewhere else if that was the case.

“I will still get those butterflies before the games. That hunger has driven me for 18 years now and if I can add to that by getting us promoted then I will have done by job this year,” the new signing said.

Terry agreed to a one year deal with an option of another year. He is set to receive £5 million annually from the deal. JT, as fondly called, recalled that he has not always been a favourite at Villa Park. He mentioned that he was abused in 2013 as fans chanted ‘let him die.’ He adds that he hopes the fans give him a new slate to contribute to the promotion drive in Steve Bruce’s team.

Terry has been involved in a lot of controversies in his career. He left the Three Lions team on a bad note. He fell out with Wayne Bridge and racially abused Anton Ferdinand. He admits that he has a few blights but quickly mentioned how much he has contributed to the game.

Terry was linked with several sides in the top flight when he decided to exit Stamford Bridge. However he decided to go the Villa route before he hangs up his boots.

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Former Premier League player Wayne Bridge has named Manchester City playmaker David Silva as the best player he played with.

The 36-year old has featured alongside top talents like ArjenRobben, Sergio Aguero, Carlos Tevez, Didier Drogba and the rest but he picked out Silva as the man.

The former Chelsea star, who is famous for the John Terry handshake snub, starred alongside Silva during his time at Man City from 2009 until 2013.

“David Silva is up there as the best. In training – brilliant, his awareness, he can turn in whichever he wants….I’d go with Silva [just over Aguero] because in training everything he goes – his vision, passing, scoring goals,” Bridge said.

He compared Silva during training to Iniesta and Xavi who never lose the ball.

Bridge has been making the waves as a pundit of recent. His ex VanessaPerroncel has been accused of an affair with same Terry. The lingerie model has denied the allegations.
She became quite popular when she was spotted alongside Cheryl Cole and Coleen Rooney.

She had a son with Bridge named Jaydon. They met in 2006, she gave birth late 2006 before they split in 2009. Reports say she has an affair with married Terry and the news spread like wildfire when a super injunction prevented the press from reporting the story. She has kept on denying the allegations while fans troll Bridge online.

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Bridge on Chelsea

Wayne Bridge believes that Chelsea will win the title at the end of this season. He feels that the London team has opened an interesting gap at the top of the Premier League and that it will be difficult to catch them.

He said that Antonio Conte has instilled some great belief in the team and that the players are performing as if they are already champions. He stated that there is quality all over the pitch in this current Chelsea team and he feels that it would be difficult to beat them at the moment.

He believes that players such as Eden Hazard and Oscar are playing really well at the moment and that with a striker such as Diego Costa they always have chances to score goals. He said that Antonio Conte has managed to devise a situation that provides additional cover at the back and this is what is giving the offensive players license to go forward.

However, he admitted that the real test would come next season where Chelsea will be playing in the Champions League and that they will have to cope with the demand of both the Premier League as well as the European completion. He believes that Conte will bring in more players during the summer transfer window to improve his squad.

Wayne Bridge said that he experienced some great moments at Chelsea where he managed to win the Premier League and the FA Cup. He said that it would be a great thing for him if Chelsea wins the title as he is still attached to the team. Despite having played for several other Premier League sides, he said that Chelsea has a special place in his heart and that he still follows them whenever he has some free time.

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Wayne Bridge’s healthy lifestyle took a hit after I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!

It has only been a few weeks since Wayne Bridge has returned from participating in the British survival reality television game show but the former Premier League player has stated being in the game show has affected his lifestyle and more specifically his diet as the retiree had to eat things that aren’t in his usual repertoire.

In a recent interview, Wayne Bridge has revealed the things in his life that have changed and the English retiree went on to say that not only his healthy lifestyle have experienced a switch but also his outlook in life but that he will be getting back to his active way of living which includes going to the gym and eating wholesome foods.

“My habits that have changed? I’ve eaten a lot more chocolate, a lot more cakes and mince pies so my eating habits have changed a bit. Also, my perspective on life has changed. I just appreciate everything I’ve got that little bit more family, friends and everyone that got behind me. I just appreciate everything that little bit more.” Wayne Bridge said.

Wayne Bridge posted on his instagram account: First day back in the gym after all those mince pies and chocolates! A lonely virtual spin class and weights…

After getting back to normal and day to day life, Bridge has quickly been trying to get back to form like he used to be some years ago when performing in the Premier League. It has been weeks since Wayne Bridge had gone to the gym and even though he was eating a lot of random food in the survival show including: rice, beans and different kinds of animal meats, Bridge has stated that things weren’t so bad as most people imagine it to be.

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Wayne Bridge embarked on a new challenge as he enters a reality game show

Wayne Bridge is a retired footballer who performed in some of the biggest clubs in England including: Chelsea and Manchester City.

Even though Bridge has lifted renowned trophies like the Premier League and the FA Cup, the retiree is mostly known for other things that have happened which aren’t actually related to the world of football.

The former Manchester City player Wayne Bridge rose to notoriety on February 27 of 2010 when he refused to shake hands with John Terry which was his former international teammate. John Terry and Wayne Bridge had previously been having issues due to Terry allegedly having an affair with Vanessa Perroncel shortly after her relationship with Wayne Bridge had finalized and maybe even during the time when Perroncel was still with Bridge.

Bridge recently joined the British reality television game show: I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!

In this reality game show, Wayne Bridge is going to be speaking out in relation to his incident with John Terry and not shaking his hand as well as talk about his ex-girlfriend Vanessa Perroncel.

“People either say I am famous for playing football or some might say I am famous for not shaking someone’s hand but I would like people to get to know me for who I am. This whole thing is so different for me. I have not given many interviews in the past. I have never really put myself out there publicly before. My fellow footballers will be shocked I am doing something like this.”

Wayne Bridge is the 2nd England player in 2 years to join this reality game show as he is following the footsteps of Kieron Dyer as he has had already participated in the British show.

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Ex-Chelsea left-back Wayne Bridge has had his say on the club’s troublesome season during Jose Mourinho’s second visit.

Mourinho’s Chelsea brilliantly dominated the English Premier League during 14/15 season but the same squad mysteriously turned their performance to the opposite in the season that followed.

Chelsea sat 14th in the Premier League table, 14 points behind fourth place Manchester United after Saturday’s 1-0 defeat to Bournemouth at Stamford Bridge on 5th of December, 2015.

Mourinho encountered heavy flak for Chelsea’s awful 15/16 season, with a number of supporters calling for a change in the Stamford Bridge managerial seat. Despite all, Bridge, who played under the Portuguese manager during his first spell in Stanford Bridge, believed Mourinho was the right man to get Chelsea out of the unexplainable mess they found themselves in.

“You just don’t know when their bad spell is going to end. I think at some point it will but it’s a question of when,” Bridge told Express Sport. I still think Jose is the right man for the job even though a lot of people are asking when he is going to get the sack.
“Even though the team are struggling he should be given until the end of the season because of who he is and given time, he will definitely turn it around.”

After working under him, albeit when Chelsea were winning steadily, Bridge insists the 52-year-old would be doing everything he could do to turn things around as he is not lazy in that aspect.

The retired left-back, who ended his playing career in the Championship with Reading, admitted he feels Chelsea were struggling because they lack real leaders.

Antonio Conte’s blue soldiers who are currently 7th on the league table with 5 points behind the leader, Man City ended the struggling 15/16 season in tenth position after Jose Mourinho was sacked by mutual consent and was temporarily replaced by one of their ex-coaches, Guus Hindik.

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Arsenal have been moving steady in the UEFA Champions League played so far this term.

Sources at the Emirates say after the 3-1 loss to Bayern Munich in 2013, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger confined himself to a room for minutes to think or mourn. Bayern Munich were having a sensational moment in Europe, so it wasn’t a surprise that Arsenal were caught in-between but Wenger took it so much to heart as it represented another year of failure in Europe.

Arsenal have failed to move past the Round of 16 for years. Many say Wenger is obsessed with winning the Champions League – a title that has eluded him all his career, despite his numerous successes in England. The defeat by Barcelona in the Champions League final is his “biggest regret,” said Wenger. In his 20 year reign in Arsenal, the eluding of the title is the most glaring gap.

Aside the 2006 loss, Wenger crashed put in the quarter finals stage in 2003/04. The campaign remains Wenger’s best in the league, yet Chelsea defeated them. Chelsea hadn’t defeated them in six years, but a late goal from Wayne Bridge at Highbury ended Wenger’s dreams that year.

In the year before – 02/03 – Arsenal entered the campaign with a double, Arsenal lost the second group stage of the competition despite their impressive 3-1 win over Roma at the beginning. They played four draws and lost one game. In 1998/1999, Arsenal qualified for the Champions League for the first time after winning the Premier League in 1997/98.

Arsenal had high hopes, but they were knocked out in the first round. They chose to play their home games at Wembley, but their only victory there was against Panathinaikos. Lens and Dynamo Kyiv were group members, but Arsenal couldn’t get past them. This season Wenger is having another go at the title but there are already great odds in lifting the title.

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Chelsea veteran defender John Terry retired from international football in 2012, even before the last World Cup in Brazil, but new coach of the Three Lions Sam Allardyce has refused to rule out the player from a potential return to the team as preparations for the next World Cup in Russia are underway.

John Terry didn’t leave the English squad on a high note, particularly after his huge contributions to the national team after many years. The 35-year old player exited the English national team set-up in the midst of wild allegations that he racially abused Queens Park Rangers (QPR) player Anton Ferdinand in 2012.

Being a role model to many – and a captain for that matter – people, the allegations was received worst. The video of Ferdinand snubbing Terry’s handshake during a game went viral, attracting comments from all angles.

The English Football Association tried him and found him guilty of the allegations. He was fined £220,000 and banned for four games, despite many people wanting more punishment. Terry also reminds fans of the time he disappointed them with his brawl with Wayne Bridge. He was arrested after a fight in a London nightclub. He left out with Bridge as he was alleged to have had an affair with his wife.

“Maybe so, I think it depends on what John said. Maybe if I get the opportunity I might have to give him a ring but until I come to that selection or that process, we’ll wait and see. I don’t know what the political side of that might mean, if there is a political side. I’ll have to have that conversation if I feel that John Terry may be a possibility,” Allardyce declared. England is set to play their qualifiers during the international break, but we’d truly know what Allardyce has up his sleeves when he releases the list of invitees.

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Fabregas apologize to Liverpool player

Chelsea midfielder Cesc Fabregas has apologized to Ragnar Klavan after his hard challenge in a friendly game.

The Spanish midfielder was the culprit of a dangerous tackle in the match opposing Chelsea to Liverpool. Cesc Fabregas was sent off in the game. After the game, the midfielder went to the dressing room and apologized to the player for his behavior on the pitch.

Ragnar Klavan will certainly remember his first game for Liverpool. The player has just joined the Anfield side in the summer for a sum of £5million from Augsburg. He was at the end of a bad tackle from the Spanish international and ended up hurt from the challenge. The referee awarded Cesc Fabregas with a straight red card.

After the match, however, Cesc Fabregas ran to the Liverpool dressing room and apologized for his tackle. He also went and apologized to the Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp as he did not want this incident to become a major issue especially at the start of a new season.

Antonio Conte also apologized to the Liverpool team as he did not want to create any animosity between both clubs. He said that the player was sorry, and he was sorry as well. The Chelsea manager said that there was no malicious intention involved in the tackle and that it happened in the heat of the moment. He stated that he knows Cesc Fabregas well and that he is not a bad character on the pitch.

Antonio Conte said that this is normal when two big teams meet even if it is in a friendly match. He said that both sets of players did not want to lose the game, and it was natural that there was some aggressiveness in the game.

Jurgen Klopp has said that he has accepted Fabregas excuses as he knows that he did not intend any harm to the player.

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